RO-A or RO-B trim knob support

  • Hello Fellas,

    I'm setting up a new core, I typically use the LD knob (Futaba) for trim for the nose-wheel. I tried to reproduce this on the core but it will not allow me to manually set it, and it does not recognize the movement when I turn RO-A left or right when teaching trim input in the function menu. I can use digital trim or push buttons for this, works fine, but not the proportion controls.

    Anyone else run into this?

    Note: very sorry if this has been asked before, I searched and did not see anything related to RO-A or B. Thanks in advance.

  • to my knowledge trim is only implemented for the push buttons, not for linear controls which are the sticks, rotary knobs and sliders. So it is something for the wish list

  • if you want to trim the nose wheel, create a function called just that. Then assign the RO-A or -B as input, and the nose wheel servo as output.

    Reduce the servo travel to e.g 10%, then you're done.


  • I was going to ask, why would you want that on something you can bump or change for another plane?

    I always use the dot buttons on by the power switch and it works a treat and you can't change it by accident messing with another model.

    Just my .02

  • I am coming from a 18mz, I did not have dot buttons to use until now. To answer your original question, all my models are mechanically set close to zero on the knobs while tracking straight. This method has worked well w/no issues for years. That said, I really like the dots much better, I'm going to stick with them.