Mercury SRS with GPS II upgrade to GPS III

  • Hello Richard

    I have a mercury srs with GPS II, unfortunately being in Argentina the round trip shipping plus the cost of the upgrade is significant so the option is to buy a new module

    I just read the post and recommend not updating it if it works well with the Mercury.

    I use Spektrum telemetry and if I have not misunderstood one of the changes is the possibility to see the speed in my TX through telemetry

    I like to be up-to-date but since I don't really know the improvements and if they are in conjunction with the Mercury SRS significant to discard a GPS II and replace it with a GPS III

    I have purchased a Competition SR2 for another model together with the Igyro Sat and GPS III modules, I will also use it with Spektrum telemetry until I buy the Atom.

    Something that I cannot see in the telemetry is the battery consumption, I do not know if it only happens in the Mercury or if it happens the same in the Competition, when I have the Atom radio I will be able to see it, or it is a restriction of the Mercury and Competition control units ??


  • Hello,

    you are mixing up many things in one post, I triy to filter out your questions:

    - Mercury has no consumption meters, so no capacity telemetry for any system

    - Mercury with GPS and Spektrum has no GPS telemetry

    - Competition SR2 has GPS Telemetry with Spektrum + capacity counters

  • Dear Richard

    Very grateful for your answer, to see if I understand the best option to have the information I want in the telemetry is to upgrade from Mercury SRS to Competition SR2.

    Changing the GPS II for a GPS III I understand would not have too much implication with my intentions, if instead, it would be worth it for its cost to upgrade the software from GPS II to GPS III, but unfortunately I am in Argentina.

    That is ?? The improvements of the GPS III as far as my use is concerned would not have too much impact or Yes?