GPS III and Local Military Zone

  • Hi Guys,

    do you have any info about possibility of blocked GPS signal in round local military zone (unit) ?

    Why ?

    I live near by a local military unit zone (cca 3km away) and when I bought my first GPSIII sensor, I was not able to locate sats (green light blink - forever).

    But, PB System was so kind and replace me a new GPSIII.

    Unfortunately, new GPSIII is still not able to locate sats.

    So I am suspect, that in my local area is GPS signal blocked. I was told, that GPS signal, that I am using in my sport watch, or in car is gps signal with different specifications, as gps signal from my GPSIII sensor.

    What do you think, have you any like-this experience ?

    Tomorrow, I will try on airfield, which is 30 km away ... but I am curious now .

    Thank you and have a fine day.


  • Hi.

    Car navigation and gps at mobil phones, no problem.

    It s strange, I know.

    But friend of me, commercial aircraft pilot said me, that there are blind zones, near to millitary instalations.

    Fact is, at my garden no signal (testes multitimes), on local airfield green light solid on.