Frozen display and touch screen, Vers 2.65

  • Hello, I have a PB Core since 8 months and this morning I had a problem during the change of the model.

    The display and touch screen remained frozen. The problem is similar to the one described in Thread "10271-core-frozen-screen", but for me the screen has also frozen in addition to the touch screen.

    I have version 2.65 and I don't use "fast start".

    I started the model change procedure, the percentage reached 70% and the new model appeared, but all the telemetry values were empty. I tried to touch the screen to update the sensors, but the touch no longer worked.

    The radio was blocked and I had to restart holding pressed the shutdown button. During the shutdown the PB symbol did not appear, but after a few seconds some horizontal lines appeared and the screen slowly faded out.

    At the next restart the model loaded was the previous one and not the last one chosen. So I rebooted, then I changed the model then I rebooted.

    The radio now seems to be working properly and I have made two flights.

    Do I need to worry? do i have to send the radio to you for a check? Is it possible to send you a log of what happened?

    Thanks, Andrea