• Trying to update SAT to latest version. It looks like i have version 1.0

    tried with new Terminal program just downloaded 9/9/21 v3.2.3 and with BlueCom adaptor.

    with Terminal it says that an error occured during update. same message using online update or file on laptop that was downloaded with Terminal v.3.2.3.

    dont know if this is why i cannot have my CORE talk to the SAT via the Pioneer.


  • The Sat needs no update, but of course if you tried and it failed it doens´t work anymore.

    With the PC-Terminal it must work without any issues. You need a Y-lead and a battery if your USB cable is an older one.

  • Does that mean I killed the two new SATs? I was using a battery and a Y and a USB cable.

    What can I do to use one of these SATs? This is related to my Pioneer thread.

  • You cannot kill them - the bootloader is bulletproof. So if you are able to come into the iGyroSat with the mobile phone it still works.

    If not you can use the USB to fix it if you have one

  • I do not know, from where you downloaded Mobile Terminal, but both versions, iOS and Android are versioned as 3.44 !!!!! not 3.2.3, that's app old more than 2 years !!!

    Please download always Apps from Google store or Apple store.



  • I am having a problem updating using bluecom from V1 to V2

    First update hung 7%, now FW corrupt and hangs at 15%???

    So third attempt it took about 1 hour but finally recovered the software to V1.

  • Really not sure where is the problem on your side, update is working properly, I asked plenty of users if issues/problems, yes, some guys reported that update was interrupted and they rescued unit, but nobody reported killed unit :-(

    Anyway, as I mentioned month ago, we are working on new version 4.0, absolutely new update method for all units, and faster communication. Now we sent samples to Google and Apple, and waiting for their testing results.

  • Hi,

    had a similar experience:

    Tried to update the iGyro Sat with Mobile Terminal V3.44 on Android 10.

    Update from V01 to V02 startet, but hung at 5% for 50 min. Then I stopped it.

    Update with PC Terminal V3.2.5 worked without any problem.

    One question: In future, will there be an option to perform the gyro settings for igyro Sat on Competition SR2 via Mobile Terminal?

    Thanks Bernhard

  • Not sure what mobile phone you used, in old version it is important, because the history of Android, in the last 2 years is really important, from Android version. 9.0 where started all Android issues, up to current version 11.

    Please wait for the new version 4.0, where we solving issues directly with Google. Lot of peoples have old Android BlueCom, which is really to hard start with Android 10 on some phones, and we have to resolve it, to be able, that users will be able to use old and new BlueCOM without problems.

    Some people are sure, that it is not problem, it is so easy, but unfortunately it is problem, it is not so easy, but we are on it, and having success.

    Thanks all for the patience :-)

  • Quote

    One question: In future, will there be an option to perform the gyro settings for igyro Sat on Competition SR2 via Mobile Terminal?


    no we are not planning to do that - the Competition SR2 has a big screen, so it´s easy to set it up there