• Trying to update SAT to latest version. It looks like i have version 1.0

    tried with new Terminal program just downloaded 9/9/21 v3.2.3 and with BlueCom adaptor.

    with Terminal it says that an error occured during update. same message using online update or file on laptop that was downloaded with Terminal v.3.2.3.

    dont know if this is why i cannot have my CORE talk to the SAT via the Pioneer.


  • Really not sure where is the problem on your side, update is working properly, I asked plenty of users if issues/problems, yes, some guys reported that update was interrupted and they rescued unit, but nobody reported killed unit :-(

    Anyway, as I mentioned month ago, we are working on new version 4.0, absolutely new update method for all units, and faster communication. Now we sent samples to Google and Apple, and waiting for their testing results.