Igyro 3 Extra Strange Gain Values

  • I have several Igyro 3e's which I'm happy with. Last October I bought my first Igyro 3Extra. For the gyro to be off I have to set the sub-trim on the gain channel to -7. Then the end points need to be set to +25 to get a gain of +32 (in the Powerbox Terminal Program) and -35 to get a gain of -28 in the program.

    Can I assume that the gain values displayed in "Terminal" are what the unit is set to, regardless of the numbers not agreeing with my transmitter?

    Why don't the numbers agree? It seems that the zero in the Igyro is off.

    Is the plane safe to fly? It's installed in an expensive jet and I don't want to lose it.

    Is the Igyro defective and should it be replaced under warranty?

  • Hello,

    depending on your system as light offset is normal. I guess it´s Futaba?

    The values in the Terminal are the gain values seperate for each axis. This value is multiplied with your value in the radio. You can fine adjust singel axis with this sliders

  • It's a Spektrum DX18. I could understand the center being off by 1 or 2, but 7 seems excessive.

    I'm not worried about the individual axes. To get a gain of +32 I need to set +25 in the TX (25 + 7 = 32).

    Are you saying that this is normal and it's OK to fly like this?

    My three Igyro 3e's aren't like this.


  • You're missing my point. Axis gains are not the issue.

    Please re-read my initial post.

    At 0 gain in the TX the gyro is on (green lights). In order for the lights to go out I need to set the sub-trim on the gain channel to -7. So at -7 on the TX the gyro thinks it's at 0 (per Powerbox terminal).

    Clearly the 0 or off setting is not set properly in the gyro and I have no way to fix that. Then I have to fudge the TX end points to get Powerbox Terminal to show the OVERALL GAIN that I want.

  • Hello,

    and if you read my answer you will find out that it is depending on the system if you have a zero offset or not.

    The Gyro center is at 1500µs. This is standard in many systems. Your system has the center point at 1520µs - this is why you have this offset.

    It´s just an offset, not a big problem!

  • Thanks, that answers my question. I was concerned because that was not a problem with my three Igyro 3e's.

    From what you said this must be a common ocurance. I suggest that you revise the set up instructions to let users know to adjust the center point in their TX if the lights stay on at zero.