Three planes converted - need a little assistance adjusting servo speed

  • Hi Fellas,

    I've just completed the conversion of three planes from Futaba to Core. So far, the process has been very smooth. I'm very happy with my decision to shift vendors.

    I do have a question related to servo speed. I have been testing the use of run time under the function menu for this. But the settings effect on the surface appears to be directly related to the travel percentage setting. Which presents itself as a problem if you have asymmetrical travel between positions. Example, if I set position 1 to 20% travel and position 2 to 60%, and I set the run time to 4 seconds for both <- and ->, the result is a slower speed for the lower rate position. I tried to work around this by setting different run time values for both <- & ->, but there is always a small differential between the two positions. I hope my question makes sense and I am not missing something related to the use of run time. Any help would be appreciated.

    Alternatively, how are you adjusting servo speed on asymmetric servo curves? Worse case scenario would be for me to adjust the speed in the servos, but I would prefer to adjust this in the radio.

    Thanks in advance.

  • cespedes

    Changed the title of the thread from “Three planes converted - need a little assitance adjusting servo speed” to “Three planes converted - need a little assistance adjusting servo speed”.
  • Hello,

    if both servos are in the same function it should work exactly in the way you want. Depending on what you want to make - there is another delay option in the flightmodes

  • Hi Richard,

    I'm performing the testing with (1) servo to keep this simple. When I set position 1 (red circle) to a rate of 100% and position 3 to something less, like a rate of 30%. Then I set run time to 5 sec for the <- and -> arrows, I am seeing differential speeds of the servo. I believe this is due to the program calculating the time indicated against amount of travel. The result appears to be it adjusts the speed to accommodate the indicated amount of travel within the time specified. Issue is, I don't see how we would be able to program the speed for the travel for position 1 -> 2 independent of the travel from 2 -> 3. As they are both in the same direction but at different rates. In this example, right arrow (->).

    If this is not making sense, I can try to take a video of the screen with the settings and the servo movement. If this is expected behavior, it is ok, I just want to make sure I'm interpreting the setting correctly and not doing something incorrectly. I have tested the delay function in Flight modes, but I use speed for other behaviors not related to a flight mode.

  • Hello,

    maybe it would help to tell me what you want to make? The runtime is not working between switching the rates. It´s related to the movement from one endpoint to the other

  • All good, Richard. I was able to use run time by adjusting travels to help me achieve a servo speed I wanted. My use-case is related to nose wheel, I slow the speed down to fine tune steering.

    thank you.