Mobile Terminal

  • Hello Richard,

    I have an igyro 3xtra and have connected an ios bluecom adapter. I have Mobile Terminal on an ipad and can see the blue bluetooth icon telling me that the ipad and the igyro are connected. On starting the Moblie Terminal it runs through an update sequence and gets to 100%

    When I try to select the 3xtra on the ipad, nothing happens. If I press and hold for 3 or mode seconds I'm asked if I want to 'rescue' if I press 'no' nothing further happens. If I press 'yes' I get the message 'retrieving device' . I eventually give up on this as nothing further happens.

    It must be me, what am I doing wrong please?

  • Hello Richard,

    To provide additional information, I have now tried the process using an iphone XR with software v14.7 and it makes no difference, I can only get as far as attempting to select the 3xtra icon on the Mobile Terminal app and then nothing happens.

  • Hello,

    as was mentioned, we sent both Apps, new versions 4.0, with PowerBox units for testing directly by support teams of vendors Apple and Google.

    Yesterday and today we received responses :-)

    We have to fix small issues in Android App, for Google Pixel and Samsung phones, and in case of iPhone, we have to fix GUI for incoming iPhone 13.

    Need couple of days for developing, and back to vendors :-) Expocting max two another weeks of waiting. After that we will release brand new versions 4.0 with stable communication for each phones! In case of Android it was not so easy, mainly for the old BlueCom, but all is resolved.

    When released, then will announce immediately! Looking forward for your feedback!

    Have a great day for all