Powerbox Royal + Jeti DS-24 / 24 Channels

  • Hello.

    I have just purchased a Jeti DS 24 and a Powebox Royal only to find I can't get 24 Channels. I was given wrong information.

    I have contacted Jeti and this is their reply. Is there any solution coming or do I have to stop using Powerbox an buy a Central Box 400 ? :-

    JETI model s.r.o. - Support <support@jetimodel.cz>

    Tue, Sep 14, 6:28 PM (4 days ago)

    Dear Rick,

    our system supports PPM/UDI (16 channels), S.BUS (16 channels) and our EX Bus (24 channels). Please ask the PowerBox directly for 24-channel EX Bus support. Have a nice day.

    Best regards
    Rostislav Cip
    Technical Support
    JETI model s.r.o.
    Lomena 1530
    742 58 Pribor
    Czech Republic



  • Hello,

    the new Competition SR2 + Royal SR2 are using EX-BUS with 24 channels + programming from the radio (also Jeti).

    The previous models are using UDI which is limited to 16 channels

    With the Servomatching feature in the Royal you should be able to safe a lot of channels. For example 2x Elevator = 1 channel, 2x Ailerons= 1 channels...

    , 2x Flaps= 1 channel

  • Pitty I have wasted my money on the Royal SRS. I will contact the Australian agent at Desert Aircraft.

    16 Channels UDI is all I can get into the DS-24.

    I can't get Jeti Ex to work at all ?