Futaba telemetry

  • Good day

    I have installed a competition SR2 and I am having trouble with the telemetry.

    So far I am not seeing any data back from the SR2.

    Futaba 16IZ

    SR2, GPS 3, I gyro.

    Powerbox seems to be working fine on sbus2.

    Sensor menu did a reload and then added the powerbox in slot 16 and that went fine.

    Checked SR2 firmware and it is up to date.

    Updated the GPS 3 to most current.

    Tried different ID's on the powerbox sensor but no change.

    Added a different sensor to the radio and RX using a Y and that sensor gave me data fine so I know the RX side and link is good.

    Any help is appreciated.


  • Hello,

    RX1 must be your telemetry receiver.

    If it doesn´t work, reset the telemetry, rescan again- Slot 16 again.

    Also binding unbinding of the receiver helps sometimes.

    Turn on/off the telemetry helps sometimes

    It´s not a PowerBox issue - everyday another Futaba pilot asks us what to do...

  • Good day

    Yes I assume it is not a Powerbox issue, seems more a compatibility issue.

    It is RX1 as I am testing with a single RX.

    I did try switching on and off the telemetry.

    I will try a rescan and another bind.

  • Good day

    Binding again did not work.

    Rescan as well has not yielded results.

    I did test the system with a Y and an intairco air trap sensor and it worked as intended as well as a Rcsense capacity sensor so not too sure what is going on with the SR2 and the 16IZ though I would assume Futaba used the same protocols.

    I do have a teleconvertor here from a Mercury if it can be used on the tele port.

    If anyone comes across a procedure to get data from the SR2 on this transmitter or any Futaba tricks please et me know.


  • Good day

    I figured I would give an update on this saga.

    All my testing has been with 1 RX on the 1 powerbox input.

    While any other sensor I could get to give back telemetry the SR2 was a no go.

    In starting to complete the install I installed the second RX on the RX2 input and tested again and the SR2 telemetry is now there.

    In some additional testing removing either RX while the system remains on causes the telemetry to non longer update values but the values remain there in their stalled state.

    If the radio is restarted with either RX1 or RX2 unplugged the telemetry goes back to being blank.

    Once the second RX is plugged in the telemetry comes back immediately.

    Also if the 2nd RX is plugged back in when the telemetry is stalled and not updating it begins to update again.

    So the only way I can get telemetry is with 2 RX's and is is very repeatable as I tested may scenarios.


    Hope this helps any Futaba issues PPL may be having and this is with the 16IZ radio.



  • Good day

    Yes the plan was to run 2 RX's and the telemetry is good with 2.

    Figured I would post my testing results to help others and since I troubleshoot equipment and tech in my job it is just nature for me to try and test scenarios.

    Hope it helps others and gives you some test scenarios if you want to check it out.

    The testing was done with an 8 channel and a 14 channel RX and the 14 and 8 were used in testing in swapped inputs just to make sure it wasn't a specific RX issue.