Cockpit SRS with Futaba 7008's Failsafe detection?

  • Hi Richard,

    I am new to PB SRS Systems with redundancy.. apologies if this has been asked before...

    If I am using two R7008's and Failsafe is set in the Tx as HOLD, for all channels, and Rx #1 goes into failsafe, while Rx #2 is still online, how does the PB know Rx #1 is offline?, the PWM values for all channels coming out of Rx #1 would be the last position, which is still a valid position/signal.

    You would then have two different inputs coming into the PB, how does it know which one to use??

    I was thinking you might teach the PB that say CH16 PWM at 1100 is online, and 1900 is offline,, that way it can differentiate, and determine which one is still online..

    you say in the manual that the "Futaba SBUS signals are passed on to the backer" does this mean the PB is looking for that mix of PWM's as a Failsafe trigger??

    Cheers 8)

    Bob Flint

  • Hi and sorry for a short question. What about the throttle? Hold as well? I thought it would be better to go on idle or in "off-position" for an ESC? Is there a general advantage to keep the engine on "hold"?