Attitude assist

  • Good day

    I have been finalizing my setup.

    As it stands everything seems to be moving correctly.

    I have a question about attitude assist for 3D flying.

    i have range A and range B on delta left, delta right and thrust vector yaw and pitch on 2 different gyro channels.

    I unplugged the GPS to remove the airspeed factor and set the rotary dials to -100 for both gyro gain channels.

    Should I expect to see the surfaces deflect up to full travel to try and correct the attitude while observing the model on the ground?

    Seems to correct but not by much and doesn't seem to stay deflected until the model returns to original attitude.

    Also is there any easy manual way to assign a direct channel to a gyro channel as my canard is mixed at the radio side but has to be disabled to do the auto channel as there is no selection for canards and it sees too many channels?



  • Hello,

    if you disconnect the GPS while running the defelction goes to a minimum. If you want to see the max defelcetion you have to remove the GPS before you turn on the system

    The canards makes no difference if it goes with the gyro. Just mix it in the radio after the assistant is done.

    But of course in the input mapping you can give a channel to the gain for each axis

  • Thanks for the reply

    I tested again as I was sure I tested with a repower after the gps disconnected.

    Turns out Att assist seems to be on with the gain channel above 0 on the servo monitor and regular under 0.

    Maybe a Futaba thing and the way they output the signal as I don't think gain channel direction is learned during the setup?

    Anyhow it does work just on the servo monitor above zero is Att assist so not an issue just opposite on Futaba at least mine.