• Hello Richard,

    For me, it's time to move on.... I was really ready to pull the trigger for the CORE, but...ATOM showed up :/

    So, to take the right decision, I really want to know what are the differences between them and how important they are to make the CORE more expensive....

    Here are some of my notices/thoughts below that makes me lean towards the ATOM:

    26 vs 18 channels: Not a big deal for me. On my jets I used 16 maximum so far.

    Binding 4 equal receivers vs 2 for the ATOM: I will never use this feature, since I always use Powerbox SRS products and I always have 2 receivers on my setup.

    Built-in WiFi vs external WiFi module for ATOM: Really don't bother me at all, not important.

    Most important for me is that I want to know the difference between 4096 vs 2048 steps and the possible "disadvantages".

    And the existing receivers are fully compatible with the ATOM....What else?? What's the reason to pay more for the CORE?? :huh:

    Please let me know if I missed something, thanks in advance for your time.

    Regards, Makis.

  • I am with you ... have been using the Core for about half a year and I am satisfied.

    But when I look at the price difference between Core and Atom, I also think that the technical differences don't justify the price difference.

    Perhaps Richard will explain in more detail why this is so. At the moment everything speaks for the Atom.

    Regards Dino

  • Hello,

    the Atom has a simpler painting of the housing- no carbon.

    The Linux computer is a smaller one

    There is no customized setup for the Atom, it comes as it is. Tray/Handheld - Mode 1 or Mode 2

    The powersupply is easier made, not that energ efficient as in the Core

    Less flightmodes

    No internal GPS

    No internal Gyro sensor

    2048 steps vs. 4096 (still in the top range of all competition)

  • Thanks a lot for the reply Richard, much appreciated.