Core Log data help please

  • Dear Richard,

    Yesterday I flew my FB L39 which is using a Pioneer and two PBR-26D receivers.

    When I was landing and on final approach for the landing I realised that my Turbine was shut down but luckily I managed to land the jet with no damage.

    When I was investigating why my turbine (Swiwin SW170B) cut out, I noticed on the ECU screen that the error message “Signal lost” was being displayed. I am using a Vspeak converter which is connected to Receiver A via a V-cable to the P2Bus port.

    I then checked the telemetry on the Pioneer and saw that I had 4 holds recorded during the flight. I downloaded the log files from the Core and tried to make sense of the data with the PowerBox Terminal software.

    Please may I ask that you analyse the data which I will attach to this post to see where the problem is as I cannot seem to make too much sense of the data other than I can see that the Pioneer did indeed have 4 holds and that the LQI values of the receivers are very low at certain stages of the flight. I need to know if the values are normal? My assumption is that Receiver A which the Vspeak converter is connected to, completely lost signal and that’s why the turbine shut down.

    I also have done a range check to see if the positioning of my receiver aerials are optimal and with all orientations of the jet the signal never drops to below 90% during this range check.

    Your help will be greatly appreciated.



  • Hello,

    this looks really bad. What I see is that all this lost frames are synchronous - both receivers loose the signal at the same time.

    So in my opinion there are three options:

    1. Something disturbes the signal in the model

    2. There is a strong 2.4GHz signal on your field or something which works in that frequency range

    3. Your radio has an issue

    To exclude 3: Did you fly with the radio also other planes where we can see the logs? Or maybe you can double check with a foamy.

  • Dear Richard,

    Thank you very much for the reply.

    I did fly another plane on the same day. It is a foamy EDF jet. I am attaching the logs for two flights done on this plane on the same day.

    Your feedback will be greatly appreciated.

    I am very worried about the signal loss and hope that I don’t have a problem with my Core.



  • Dear Richard,

    I am just following up on my reply to you. Did you manage to look at the second log data from another plane I flew to see if the problem is on my Transmitter?

    Many Thanks


  • Dear Richard,

    Ok, I can try make one more test at another flying field on Thursday.

    I will fly the same Foamy Jet for comparison. I am too scared to fly my expensive FB L39 Jet as this jet is very expensive and can’t take a risk.

    I will share the log data with you again after my test on Thursday.

    Thank you for your assistance so far.



  • Dear Richard,

    Today I made another test of flying my Foamy EDF jet. I flew at a different site which is located here: (26° 0'43.49"S 28°17'43.40"E).

    Original site from Sunday the 17th is here: (26°19'15.28"S 28° 3'24.87"E ).

    Please find attached Log Data for 4 flights that I did with the Foamy EDF Jet today.

    I also flew my Sebart Avanti-S Turbine Jet so that you can also compare data from this aeroplane. I did 2 flights with this Jet. I am using one PBR-26D with PowerBox Expander on this jet. I also attach this Log Data for you.

    I looked at the log data from both aeroplanes and I am still very concerned about the LQI values which go down very low.

    But I leave the analysing of the data up to you as you will understand better if there is a problem with my Core Radio or not…

    Many thanks


  • Hello,

    the Avanti Jet has 160 lost frames in a 10 Minutes flight, not perfect but not too bad

    The other one looks not that good.

    The problem for me is now to validate this data because I cannot know how the situation is in the model and on your field.

    It doesn´t look like the radio is the problem, else the Avanti would be also very bad.

    I don´t know what to do now - shipping the radio from SA is an option. Then we can make a check in our environment

  • Dear Richard,

    Thank you for your reply.

    I would rather not take a chance with continuing to use the radio and would rather have the radio checked out by you.

    There is too much risk in not knowing if the radio is OK or not.

    Please let me know how I must go about getting the radio sent to you for checking.

    Best regards