Pioneer + Hott SUMD

  • Hi,

    Is the PowerBox Pioneer compatible with SUMD signal from a GR-16 Hott SJ ? I would like to use only one RX.

    Can I configure the Pioneer with the BlueCom Adapter and the Android app ? (Waiting to buy an Atom or a Jeti TX)

    Thanks for your help, I thought seeing you today in Friedrichshafen.


  • Hello,

    the Pioneer works with Hott only with the S.BUS option of the receiver. But you don´t get telemetry.

    We didn´t go to the fair, sorry - 3 full days standing there with a mask is no fun.

  • Thanks for your help.

    For other pepole in my case : I is necessary to update Hott RX to the last soft to permit the SBUS output, compatible with the Pioneer.

    I also noticed that des 3 first canals are invert in the SBUS Hott signal : 3->1 ; 1->2 ; 2->3. But it is not a probleme if you invert the maping connection directly on the Pioneer or use the maping menu in your Hott TX (to have a normal maping in the Pioneer).

    Good flights,


  • Hallo Richard,

    danke für die Antwort. Die zweite Antwort bringt mir Klarheit über die Eigentliche Frage. Wegen der Telemetrie. Ich hatte ganz vergessen das es die Telemetrie über einen eigen Anschluss an die PowerBox geht und nicht mit über den SUMD. Dann habe ich ja mit der Bestellung der Competition SR2 für meine MZ32 alles richtig gemacht.

    Danke und Gruß