Sensor v3 new but defective? please help

  • Hi all,

    I have bought a sensor v3,new from my local hooby shop jonathan in italy.

    I use two lipo 2S directly connected to sensor v3 fully charged to 8,4V: BATT 1 led (sometimes BATT 2 too) lights up blue but randomly become violet (or white/red?) too fast to identify the correct color. Why? It is defective or it's normal? there is no power supply interruption to receiver with only BATT1 connected.

    BATT1 and BATT 2 programmed as Lipo, with HV output.

    Thank you.

  • Now i've tried with one lipo in storage mode:

    batt1 only = 7,5V output

    batt2 only = 7,5V output....

    no strange blink from led.

    I'm going to charge the lipo and try ti see what appen... I Will update you soon

  • Ok, new test with fully charged lipo (8,4V):

    connected to batt 1, blink white/red and ofted solid blue

    connected to batt 2, solid blue with often blink white/red

    Output to receiver is 7,8V (max, as described in the spec sheet).