Which Powerbox??

  • Richard/Adam

    At the risk of covering old ground, I wanted to review some choices of which PowerBox to use since there is a new product to consider.

    Plane is a Elite Aerosport Wraith. Ailerons, elevators and thrust vector

    I wanted to get gyro on ailerons when they acted as flaps, and if I understand correctly this is not possible with the Mercury, but the Mercury has lots of good features otherwise.

    Now that there is the Competition SR2 I am trying to decide which will be the most versatile system

    My thoughts were

    Competition SR 2 + SAT

    Mercury (I know I would have no gyro when ailerons are acting as flaps).

    Royal (original) + SAT (TV on Royal and control surfaces on SAT)

    Adam ( and Henry) discussed with me before there was an SR2. Sorry Adam. I know I never seem to make up my mind but in 2022 the Wraith will fly!!

    Probably cannot use a Pioneer because have MKS 599SL servos on doors and NWS and I cooked one running unregulated voltage to one of them.

    I already have all three PB systems so it’s up to what’s better/more features/easier??

    Thanks for your thoughts

  • Hello,

    the Mercury and Royal SRS - both gyros don´t work when the Ailerons are used as flaps.

    The Competition SR2 and Royal SR2 are all new gyro system which works even with Ailerons used as flaps. Both of them have a very easy setup and a bunch of new features

  • Hello,

    this newer PowerBox work different. There is an assistant for an easy setup - but all mixes are done in the radio. The internal gyro detects this mixes and gives the controls out as they come in.