Mercury srs not engaging VT gain

  • Hi guys….

    Wonder if someone can shed some light here.

    Im using a mercury on a model with VT.

    Mode type is set to normal + VT.

    Input/output mapping is set correctly as far as i can see, unless im missing something.

    Not using the set up assistant as I wanted to do it my way as i always did but this is my first VT model.

    I have the vector thrust set to a mix on the transmitter…. Which is fm1/2/3. Vector only comes live on fm-3.

    So VT works fine with the mix.

    Setting up the gyro…. Every flying surfaces works fine too on FM 1/2/3…. With Fm1 being no gyro, FM2 gyro on ( low percentage) And FM 3 gyro on ( higher percentage).

    Trouble is that VT which is set to rudder B and elevator B wont have any gyro gain on FM3.

    Gps is not connected….

    Bear in mind im using the same switch to activate the mix for vector and to add gain to the vector when activating it…

    Cant get my head around it….

    Any help is much appreciated :)


  • Ah - now I see - you used the Normal + VT option... this works only if you use the setup assistant. It´s an easy mode which makes the VT mix in the Mercury. For people who want a quick and easy setup. Not so many options.

    As you set everything manually you have to use a normal model and make the VT mix in the radio

    Unfortunately this will delete all your previous settings, sorry - better use the assistant as the PowerBox is made to use it.

  • Richard,

    Thanks for the reply……if thats the only way then i will have to do it….

    So ruder B and elevator B would be the vector on normal mode ?

    Will this definitely make it work as ruder A and B ( vt ) aswell as elevator A and B ( vt )would have completely different gyro and gain settings on Flight modes 1/2/3

    No other way around it through input/output mapping?

  • If you selected the Normal+VT - it´s th only way. As you didn´t complete the assistant the Flightmodeswitch was not teached, so now the VT function cannot work.

    Use a normal model if it is no delta with teaching a single elevator and a single rudder. After that assistant you can use Input/output mapping to make the VT working

  • Thank you Richard, switched to normal mode and after re programming everything works really well now… so thank you for your support and pointing me at the right direction.