multiple throttle curves problem

  • i am really struggling here to find out what I am doing wrong. I have set up a number of flight conditions: Normal, Motor-safe, Land and Spin. In that order of priority.

    I set the normal throttle curve. I then went to safe mode and changed the curve to be a flat line at the bottom, so when in that condition the throttle stick has no effect. It works just fine.

    I then tried to set a curve for the land condition which is a different curve. I used curve editor to create the curve. BUT when i switch back to Normal mode the curve had changed to the one I just set up in landing condition. I have tried over and over, checked that everything is set ok. Note on other controls, such as elevator I do not have this problem I have separate settings for each condition.

    I am very confused!!

    am I missing something? This is a real problem for me as i need at least 4 conditions each with its own throttle curve.

    can anyone help??

  • Thanks Dirk. I have watched it but it doesn’t solve my problem. Everything on my flight conditions is ok except for the throttle function.

    I set up the normal(standard) throttle curve. That’s ok. I set up the next condition in the menu (motor stop) that’s ok. I now have two conditions each with a separate throttle curve. I go to the next condition on the tree but when I set a throttle curve for it, the normal condition changes to that as well. This does not happen with elevator or aileron function where I have separate curves for each condition..

    It just seems like I cannot have more than 2 throttle curves.

  • Hi Al,

    I just checked 3 Flight Phase with 3 different curves inisde the curve editor. No problem it is working.

    Please note!! Before you enter the curve editor in order to modify a specific curve, select the appropriate flight phase.

    Leave the curve editor, select the next flight phase and then re-enter the curve editor again, and so on....

    May you can post a picture of your defined flight phase menue, so we could check it.



  • hi,

    here are 4 pics one showing the conditions tree, the ers show each of the throttle curves for each condition. as you will see, the normal and landing are the same, despite me changing them. I alsohave a video which i will post if i can


  • Hello Al,

    I would suggest not to use 3 different switches/pots in order to define 3 flight phases.

    Please see the following pictures/example:

    I have used a 3 step switch for the 3 flight phases. If you have a additional need for a throttle cut off, you can define this separately in the throttle cut off menue.



    CB Elektronics

  • kjell,

    yes I guess it is, I just use flight modes and throttel curve. how do you do servo cut off?

    Just find the servo cut-off menu and select which servo to cut, and which input to control it.

    As it is the throttle you want to cut, make sure you set the throttle servo go to -100%


  • Thanks Dirk. Using a singe switch for all three conditions may not work well for me. I can certainly use the servo cut for my motor safe condition. I will experiment.

    However I think there is a software issue if I cannot change the throttle curve no matter which switch I set up.

  • ok all,

    following all of your advice, I set up a new model, very simple one. ON that I have absolutely no problem with the throttle curves. I now have to explore what I have done in the one which doesn't work to cause this issue. I will do that just to find out what caused it, if I can. I will report back.

    I appreciate all the input, I am new to the radio and still in futaba mode I guess!!

  • the problem seems to have been caused by setting up the safe condition where I set the throttle curve to a flat line at zero. I don't know why but all I did was remove that condition and now it all works as expected. I will use the servo cut function instead.

    again, many thanks.