P2 bridge currents.

  • P2 servo bridge.

    I have just bought a bridge and am exploring it , firstly, on a 5 ch receiver.

    I connected the bridge AND the vario ( its in a glider) to the bus out put via. Y lead . All works perfectly.

    However, if multiple servos and bridges were to be connected to the p2 output is there a risk of overloading, amperage wise, the p2 output pins ?

    A very nice device, at last I can now see exactly the loading, both amperage and torque wise* of an individual servo, great empirical data.

    * Putting a spring balance on the servo, then pulling it to give the same max amperage recorded gives the torque, well thats my theory !

  • Hi David,

    if you want to attach more servos to the P²-BUS I recommend to make an adapter with battery connector directl to the Bus wire.

    We will have adapters for that in near future

  • Hi David,

    very good idea, using a spring balance and combining it with a math formula!! May needs some testing....:thumbup:

    By the way it would be very cool if we could have CORE TX math´s formulas combining different telemetry values and constants.



    CB Elektronics

  • Thanks Richard, I will get that adapter when available. I will only use two at once, to evaluate flap servo and gear door loads in flight. ( and the landing gear servo on my DG 303 glider ! )

    Dirk, I will simply multiply the load on the spring balance then multiply it by the length of the servo arm to get torque, then I know how hard the servo is, or is not, working, but yes, if we could have a simple formula on the Core using servo arm length, magic !

    First try will be on the MKS 550 servos I am now using.

    Great little device.