iGyro Sat Futaba 18SZ

  • Hi Richard,

    To come straight to the point. I'm confused setting up the Pioneer with the iGyro SAT in combination with a Futaba7014SB receiver. I have checked all the other threads but I'm still looking for answers. I have installed previously in other planes the iGyro 3xtra and encountered no problems. Now I have installed a Pioneer with an iGyro Sat in a new Laser ExFlight; simple configuration 2 ailerons, 2 elevator-servo's and 1 rudder (BMS-34A servo's). First of all I am looking into the physical connections and from what I understand you simply connect de iGyro Sat to the Fasttrack connection. What I would like to do (cfr. my other set-ups) is assign a channel to activate/desactivate the gyro besides a channel to increase/decrease the gain with a slider. When I go through the manuals of the Pioneer and iSAT I have the strong impression that the products were developed with the Core Tx in mind. Step by step everything is explained for the Core but what about Futuba and other transmitters ;) In the manuals of the iGyro 3Xtra you can find a set by step procedure to install and set the gyro. For the Pioneer/SAT this is for me not the case. Using the BlueCom adapter I have downloaded the recent software for the Pioneer but things like "teach in"; setting up 9 axes (if necessary of course) are not clear. For the iGyro 3Xtra I had the possibility to use A and B on a switch to change from head-on lock to damping or simply switch off the gyro. On the screen of the Pioneer I see now channel for capacity reset and gyro gain but no channel to switch off the gyro. On the pages for aileron, elevator, rudder etc I see A B and C and this doubled each time??? Also it's not clear anymore how to set-up the axes (movement of the tail/fuselage to teach the gyro). So what I like to have is a clearcut procedure and connection information. With my other planes I have also installed a GPS but apparently one should you a Y-cable now in order to do this. With the Gyro 3xtra there was a connection-port. Tx for your feedback

  • Hello,

    the Pioneer Gyro is very similar to the iGyro3xtra

    You have to assign a gain channel and assign the input channels to the gyro functions. Once this is done you have to teach the mounting position and the stick endpoints.

    After that you are ready to dial in the gain in the air. Once you have the gain value on your slider, you can use this value and put it on a switch.

  • Hi Richard,

    I have done the set up but I encounter a lot of problems with identifying the mounting position and the teach of the endpoints. For me the app is not stable. What have I done:

    -Update latest firmware iGyro Sat / Pioneer.

    -Define the input-mapping and check the channels with the ones in the transmitter

    -Assign a gain-channel.

    -Update of the latest mobile app on my iPhone 13.

    Then I started the mounting position. Push start and nothing happens. Suddenly it says move tail up what I do. Nothing happens for minutes. Whatever I click. After certainly 5 attempts the system "locks?" in on the elevator and ask to move the tail to the right. I do so and then again nothing happens again. I have done so certainly 10 times while waiting and retrying and I am not sure if the mounting position is right. When I try to teach the sticks it is even worse. You start the procedure with aileronstick to the right and push on the stick. Nothing happens. After a couple of attempts and pushing on the stick the system ask to push the aileron stick to the left. I can click forever on the stick nothing happens. After certainly a half hour and I don't know how many attempt I manage to get into the elevator and there before I can even click on the stick for pull elevator the screen flips to push elevator.

    I have the more than strong impression that the app is not stable at all or what else could have happend?

  • Hello,

    yes- the app is not stable, specially with the newer phones.

    I´m sorry we cannot fix that quickly, the external developer was fired because he wasn´t able to fix this issues over one year.

    Do you have a Laptop and the USB Interface? The PC App is under our own developement and absolutely stable

  • I only have the BlueCom interface which I use without problems on my other gyro's.. A USB adapter interface I don't have. Besides that I have a Mac. Is your software compatible with the OS-system? I could look for someone who has a PC but then of course I don't have still the USB adapter interface.

  • Hi Richard,

    After many attempts I managed with the Bluecom Adapter to get (I think???) the endpoints all right. However with the "mounting position" I managed to get the rudder deflected in the right direction however whatever I try the elevator deflects in the wrong way and reinforces the disturbance. What I do is a couple of times lightly moving the tail up and down followed by a firm upswing. Then the gyro locks in but in the wrong way......???? Is there another way to change the deflection direction?

  • Hello,

    as you can read in the manual: the deflection of the elevators don´matter when teaching the mounting position. Once the sticks are teached after that everything works correctly

  • Good day,

    I had my pioneer with isat and gpsiii installed on my pilot extra ng, configuration seemed to be good but when the engines starts the gyro makes all surfaces to shake even with very little gain %. Is there anything wrong?

    Thanks for your help?