Igyro 3E JR 8711 Servos Jitter

  • Guys I'm having JITTER problems with an Igyro 3E (Updated to latest version) instaled in a jet . The setup is Spektrum IX20 (setup to 22ms DSMX) + AR20310R Orange Plugs Receiver updated + JR 8711 servos + Life 6.6v .

    When we remove the gyro and plug the servos directly into receiver , servos movement is smooth and perfect . When any chanell pass through the gyro , we have jitter in ALL channels .

    Any advice ?

    Thanks .

  • If you have a servo tester which can read the servo frequency you may find that the output from the gyro is at a higher frame rate than the 22 ms input.

    This is very common on many gyros and many older servos are not compatible with the increased frame rate.

  • It’s working fine direct conected into receiver .

    When i put any channel through Igyro the problem shows up

    Change the frame rate to 11ms on the radio. Remember you must rebind the model using the faster frame rate. Then see if your servos jitter afterwards


  • Yes- the framerate is another player in that game. Fact is: you are driving the servo out of specification which can result in some weird things.

    If you look to this servos they are not even made for 6V, they are labeled with 4.8V

    Driving them with 2s Life will run them down in short time.

    Depending on waht plane it is, use a PowerBox Sensor or something sililar to come down to 6V