Competition SRS + 6303Sb

  • Hello PowerBow Community,

    Im a new profile and a beginner in Powerbox Product.

    My question is ... Have you or Customers meets problems with this combination : T18MZ / Powerbox competition SRS and rx 6303SB ?

    Because, I prefer buy a rx for 100e to avoid crash.....

    So, I would like to be informed about any suspicion....

    Have a good day, I wish you an happy new year.

    Best Regards,

  • This was a comon setup years ago before Fasstest came. There had been issues from Software 5.0 of the FX32/T14 when they introduced Fasstest

    I don´t know if this issues had been fixed or if everybody changed to the 7003 receivers

  • Hello Nonoleptitrobot (name would be nice),

    if you have an T18MZ on SW V2.5.0 or higher, FASST modulation is running with LBT (Listen Before Talk) technology which Futaba had to implement regarding new frequency norms. I had never issues with my T18MZ WC on SW V2.7.3 and FASST, but if you want to be on the safe side put two R7003SB or R7008SB/R7108SB and use FASSTest.

    Best regards