Single battery

  • I have searched but didn't find the answer.

    if I set up a single battery in my plane directly to a Y cable and then power my rx from one lead and the spark switch battery connection from one lead, will that be a bad connection prone to interference?

    the signal wire goes from the rx to the rx-port on the spark switch ofc.

    will the ground interference stop at the battery Y-cable or spread back into the receiver?

    (I have found questions regarding connecting the spark switch to the rx for power and I understand why that is a bad thing)

    And IF its a bad thing, what's the solution to running only one battery?

    RX: Spektrum 8360T

    battery: 4000mAh 2s lipo

    Engine: Stinger 40cc twin

    Bonus question: if I want the RPM lead from the ignition module back to my rx, is a solution buying the spark witch pro? can that monitor both heat and rpm and send it back to my spektrum rx?

    Happy winter times to all!

  • Hello,

    if you do that you bring the interference in your receiver system. Use a seperate battery for your ignition to be safe.

    The SparkSwitch Pro has an RPM input - works with most ignition Taco outputs