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  • Product Suggestion

    I have run into some difficulties when it comes to implementing features in your products that are described but that work with some brands of radios and not others.

    An example of this is the telemetry that has restrictions on Spektrum equipment.

    I have two Powerbox systems:

    One is a Mercury SRS with GPS II, using four 9745 satellite receivers and a TM1000 module, from Spektrum, 9574 air speed sensor and Kingtech telemetry for the Turbine; the other a Competition SR2 with GPS III and IGYRO Sat, in the process of testing to see what works, experimenting with receivers 4651T, 6610T, 8020T and 9747 with the new SRXL2 technology, with Air Speed sensor and Xicoy Spektrum turbine telemetry.

    With the Mercury SRS and GPS II I cannot log the GPS data as it does not go to the radio.

    I do not know what will happen with the other system since the model is in the process of being built.

    It is impossible to connect the Telemetry sensors to the control units, that is, it must be done through the receiver that has X-Bus for the Spektrum brand sensors.

    Why can't a Datalogger module be developed with a micro SD memory that stores the data obtained?

    Or that it can also concentrate the data from different telemetry sensors and send it to the TX as well?

    It is not possible to implement that the telemetry sensors of the Powerbox brand, with p2Bus, can be connected to the control units and these make translation of protocols to the radios?

    Or the possibility of translating the protocol of sensors from other brands that can be connected directly to the control units?

    I know that a part of this answer is the purchase of Core 2 or Atom products, but for example you do not manufacture pitot tube air speed sensors, nor consumption sensors, nor turbine telemetry, etc ...

    I leave the restlessness before the needs of a user who already has their equipment from other brands, and who with additional accessories could make up for the shortcomings, such as downloading info from the GPS, or connecting telemetry directly to the control unit

    Thank you so much


  • Hello JJ

    airspeed sensor and ECU converters are available more or less already since the sales start of the CORE.

    Home - CB Elektronics (

    CB P2B IAS-460 - CB Elektronics (…as-440-digital-24bit.html

    Example for ECU Konverter:

    P2B Kingtech + IAS - CB Elektronics (

    P2B XICOY - CB Elektronics (



    CB Elektronics

  • Hi Dirk

    Thank you very much for your participation in the thread, but if you read correctly I am talking about the fact that Powerbox Systems does not manufacture that electronics

    Good for CB Electronics, which as a manufacturer of 3d party accessories provides this type of solution

    My suggestion is for an improvement over existing products, although if CB Electronics manufactured a data logger I would be a potential customer for example.

    Or a sensor protocol translator too.


  • Specially Spektrum was not made for telemetry years ago. All telemetry you have here was added step by step, in the beginning the range was 100m. And you needed extra boxes like the TM1000 and special wires with 4-pole I²C technology.

    All this is the reason why for Spektrum there are only a few 3rd party sensors available.

    This has changed since they introduced the new SRXL2 protocol on a 3-wire UART technology. We will step by step implement SRXL2 in our sensors as you can see already in the Competition SR2/Pioneer.

    The new Pitot Tube PBS-TAV will be available in 2-3 weeks, check our newsletter the next days

  • Hi Richard

    Thank you very much for your quick response, always ¨At the foot of the canyon¨ how they would say here.

    You are giving me a hopeful answer since I come rubbled with the implementations.

    I hope then with my Competition SR2 to be able to do what I am looking for, to be able to read the data from the GPS III and also to connect the telemetry sensors without difficulty.

    Also with many doubts and uncertainties, such as things that we already exchanged in another thread.

    If I use X-Bus sensors in the 8020T receiver, do I lose the 11ms latency and do I have to set it to 22ms?

    On the other hand, if I only use the 4651T receivers and the sensors go to the control unit, the latency can remain at 11ms ??

    Why do people at Spektrum insist on not putting 2 4651T receivers?

    How can I test what would be the adverse effect of using those two receivers if they don't have the ability to turn off one of the telemetry?

    Thank you very much Richard

  • Dirk

    As I wrote in the first comment of the thread, I am a Spektrum user.

    In my RC Jets I have a Powerbox Mercury SRS control unit installed in one of them, the telemetry system is deficient since it does not transmit the GPS data to the Radio and the sensors are connected to a very short range telemetry module.

    Spektrum has implemented SRXL2 technology with very low latency and with the same range of telemetry as the rest of the functions.

    I have bought a Competition SR2 control unit and two SRXL2 Full Range telemetry receivers but cannot connect them directly to it.

    The sensors that I have Spektrum are X-Bus, the telemetry of Xicoy that I have is X-Bus.

    I do not know if the information I give you is enough to evaluate what would be necessary.

    Thank you so much

  • Hi JJ,

    thanks for the explanation. From what I see there is already a rich set of telemetry units available for Spektrum radio, you named it.

    OK, understood you would like to have the Mercury/GPS data available too.