Teleconverter mode

  • Hello,
    I'm using an 18mz-I connected the Teleconverter to the 18mz and successfully registered the sensor.
    I see on the screen that it's recognising it as the cur-f1678 sensor.
    I connected the Teleconverter to the terminal and I can select "powerbox sensor".
    There doesn't seem to be a way to "save" this new setting to the Teleconverter-do I simply disconnect the USB stick or power it down-or do I have to register it again with the 18mz?

    When I next connect it the the transmitter and attempt to register the sensor again, the screen on the 18mz does not offer any new options, only the same three below as per the screenshot.

    For info I'll be using it with the royal SRS and gps 2 which I have not connected the Teleconverter too yet.

  • In the Competiton telemetry setting what brand of telemetry to choose?
    My transmitter does not show the voltages, but shows the windows in the telemetry menu where the numbers should appear.

    I have a 14sg and a powerbox competition non srs