iGYRO and 2 receivers

  • I have a system where I just have the iGYRO also without the powerbox

    I need to use two receivers and I need 10 channels to use in the setup ( Mode , Heading , Gain ). The question is....Can I use the 8 channel spektrum ( using all 8 channels ) and a 10 channel Spektrum at the same time for the additional channels that I need for gyro set up ? I would only need the use of 2 channels on the 10 channel receiver.

    I have used dual receivers before, but not one with more channels than the other.


  • Hello,

    I´m not sure if I understand the question... on page 6 of the manual is a schematic how to setup the iGyro without PowerBox and Spektrum.

    If you connect Spektrum satellites to the iGyro you have 12 channels available in the iGyro- given that your transmitter has 12 channels available (JR12X, DX18)

    Important is only: The receiver you are using for the other channel (Throttle, Gear...) has 2048 steps