Teleconverter + Competition/CockpitSRS + 14SG malfunction

  • Hello;

    I just purchased both a Competition SRS and a Cockpit SRS to be used into my scale gliders. My TX is a Futaba 14SG and i plan to use it with battery telemetry provided by the Teleconverter. I am having some trouble with it so I hope someone more experienced may help me.

    As a first step I updated all softwares, both from power boxes and transmitter. Later on I made the standard procedures to install the sensors and make the telemetry work. The vario sensor from Futaba worked fine, but there is a problem with the data coming from the teleconverter: it shows strange unrealistic values for current, capacity and specially voltage. I was using a LiFe 6.6v 3200mAh battery for testing, and the telemetry showed zero current, 450 V as voltage and +9,500.00 as capacity.

    All parameters in the Powerboxes are correct and checked (SBUS system, Futaba telemetry) and the strange thing is that the problem is the same for both Competition and Cockpit models. Have someone ever experienced such results while working with Futaba and the Teleconverter? Is there a solution for it?

    Thank's in advance;

  • First of all, thank you very much Richard.

    Following your observations this is what I found:

    - There is no FASSTEST 18ch option showing on my 14SG. The closest to it (and the one I am using) is FASSTEST 14ch;
    - I've been testing it in the standard screen (showing voltage and capacity on the power box, as it is when turned on);

    I've decided to start all from scratch (erase and re-register the sensors) and I am not sure why something changed: Now I have accurate capacity of the battery, but voltage and tension are now ZERO.

    This is the very first time I am using this Powerbox as well as SBUS connections. I've used telemetry in F3J gliders earlier for testings and I had no problems.

    Well, capacity solved, voltage and tension still to go.... ...any thoughts?

  • PROBLEM SOLVED!!!! After quite some time trying different approaches, I made a lot of changes at once and it worked as it should!

    - I was testing the receiver diversity and found out that the correct ports are RX1 and RX4 (I was using RX1 and RX2);
    - Even with double receivers, only the first one works with telemetry, so I changed the operating mode of the second one to eliminate the SBUS2 port on it;
    - Instead of only one LiFe battery (for testing only), I plugged in both Lipos that I will install into my glider;

    After I made all this changes, the displayed values for Voltage and Capacity got spot on! I am not sure about Current, but since It's not yet installed in the model with all servos connected, I will know it later.

    Thank's again for the help!

  • Quote from "Richard Deutsch"

    Current is not supported, as this PowerBox doesn´t measure this data.

    Hello Richard,

    Could you please confirm exactly what it supported with the Competition? (Using an 18mz). I know it has no GPS sensor, but will it still report signal data (holds, fades etc?)


  • This was some time ago, but Richard, could you please confirm if the most recent Futaba updates allow for full telemetry from the Powerbox Competition SRS? I'm specifically after both battery voltages and residual capacity (as well as fades etc).