matching SBUS channels good enough or servo matching?

  • Hello Richard,

    I hope all is well. I am in the process of staging a new model and I have a question related to sbus channels vs servo matching. I am testing the Royal SRS with dual R7008SB receivers and BLS177sv servos. I have a 4 aileron servo setup, two servos for each wing half. I've assigned a sbus channel to each half or each set of servos. So left wing is ch 1 and right wing is channel 6. They appear to be working in synchrony, but I have not installed any of the linkages yet, so I cannot tell if there will be any binding. My question is the following, would the preferred way to implement this type of setup be using 4 channels, 1 for each servo and matching 2 sets servos? Example, left wing being channel 1 and 9, and right wing being channel 6 and 10. Then matching channel 2 to 1 for the left wing and matching channel 10 to 6 for the right wing. What is your recommendation? Thank you in advance.



  • Hello,

    you can use one channel (example 1) for left wing, one channel (6) for the right wing. Then you need to do the servomatching in adjusting each servo with a Futaba programmer. In this case all leftwingservos have channel 1, right wing channel 6.

    Better way:
    First step: Gyro Basic Assistant, in the the output mapping, assign Aileron A to G,H,I,J and Aileron B to O,P,Q,R.
    In the PBUS Mapping make

    1 | G | GY- Aileron-A
    2 | H | GY- Aileron-A
    3 | I | GY- Aileron-A
    4 | J | GY- Aileron-A

    5 | O | GY- Aileron-B
    6 | P | GY- Aileron-B
    7 | Q | GY- Aileron-B
    8 | R | GY- Aileron-B

    Then program your servos to channel 1-8. After that, connect the linkage to the inner servo, go to servo matching menue. Now you can match the servos one by one by selecting output G - R

    Here is a short manual which may help doing the steps:…yal_SRS_QuickStart_en.pdf

  • Option 1 is without using the PowerBox servomatching, all is done with transmitter/receiver. Not a good solution
    Option 2 is more comfortabel. You need 2 channels in the transmitter, this 2 channels are splitted to 8 servos (4 each wing)