Schematic, Royal SRS+Jeti

  • Hi, Philippegaston,

    I have Jeti Dc 16 and use PB Royal and Powerbus in a Carf Skygate Hawk. Must use Jeti version 3.24 and UDI - all works well. I fell into the same trap in that I updated my Jeti firmware to 3.25 and could only get 12 channels. You will be fine with 3.24!


  • Hi,

    Thank you everybody for your support.

    Nevertheless, I contact Jeti for this issue and here is there answer :

    " Hello Philippe,

    the UDI16 protocol should work on 3.25 the same way as on 3.24 version.

    Notice there exist three standalone update files for each firmware versions

    (UDI12, UDI16 and SBUS), but only selected fw are published on our web.

    Here is the latest firmware for receivers with UDI16 support (rename *.exx

    extension to *.exe before run).

    Please let me know if it doesn't help.

    Thank you.

    Best regards,

    Richard Simecek "

    So they send me the release 3.26 enclosed

    Let me know your thoughts

    Best regards


  • Hi Richard, Ingmar,

    A quick question, small detail, not critical.

    I have now deployed in 3 airplanes the set up with ENLINK (2xREX3 +900Mhz) and works fantastically. However have you noticed on the display, the 2 dots that are showing the Rx status keep on flashing between the 2 receivers, some time they are both on and some times the left one is off and the right one is on and some times vice versa.

    I have done exactly the same set up in 3 PB Royal now and all have the same indication. However, no frame losses, no holds, no antenna fades, all works well, tested in flight and the system seems very robust.

    How do you explain that? Is the Jeti integration in the PB not complete 100%?

    Thanks, Tassos

  • Yes no fades at all, no frame loss, no holds. Maybe in one of your next firmware revisions you will find a way to eliminate this flashing, or maybe have just one dot on the screen when Jeti is selected. Just an idea, I'm sure you can come up with a better ideas than me

    Thanks Richard

  • Hi Richard,

    Can you please provide a schematic diagram showing how to connect 2 x EX R3/RSW receivers plus the REX 3 900 MHz receiver and ENLINK with the Powerbox SRS Royal. I want to use the setup that Tassos uses in post #89 except that of the REX receivers are not available in the US yet. I have the DS-24 and want to use the two R3 2.4 receivers in dual path with the 900Mhz backup but am not sure how to hook up the ENLINK with the receivers and Powerbox SRS Royal. A diagram would really be nice since "a picture is worth a thousand words".

    Do you know if receiver FW v3.26 has support for UDI 16 or do you still have to use v3.24 with UDI 16?

    Thanks, Gary

  • Hallo Herr Deutsch,

    in meiner Royal SRS besteht nicht die Möglichkeit im TX System den Jeti UDI Modus einzustellen. Ich habe nur die Auswahl Jeti PPM und Jeti EX. Die Software Version ist die V18.2. Den Rest habe ich wie unten beschrieben eingestellt. Was muss ich machen, damit ich eine Verbindung bekomme?

    Vielen Dank im Voraus



    Für alle Jeti Piloten:

    für den iGyro SRS, Cockpit/Competition SRS und Royal/Champion SRS ist jetzt das Jeti UDI 16 Protokoll verfügbar. Die R-SAT2 Satelliten müssen die Softwareversion 3.24 (alternativ Rex3 V1.03) haben und werden wie folgt mit dem Sender eingestellt:

    - PowerBox auf TX-System Jeti UDI einstellen

    - Jeti R-SAT2 im Zwei-Wege HF Modus binden:

    - Erweiterte Einstellungen -> Drahtlosmodus/Trainer

    - Mode: Zwei-Weg HF auswählen

    - Bindestecker in den ersten R-SAT2 einstecken, erst primäres TX-Modul binden, ersten R-SAT2 abstecken dann sekundäres TX Modul mit dem zweiten R-SAT2 binden.

    - Bindestecker entfernen. Beide R-SAT2 mit PPM Buchse und SRS Eingang verbinden.

    - Modellwahl/-modifikation -> Geräteübersicht

    - Ersten R-SAT2 in der Liste auswählen und folgendes einstellen:

    - Serieller Ausgang: UDI

    - Haupteinstellungen:

    - Impulsgeschwindigkeit: 10ms

    - PPM Einstellungen: Direkt

    - Failsafe: Inaktiv

    - Mit ESC zurück und auch den zweiten R-SAT2 einstellen

    Jetzt noch den Ext. Ausgang eines R-Sats mit dem Telemetrie Eingang der PowerBox verbinden. Fertig!

    Damit sind alle 16 Kanäle verfügbar und auch die volle Telemetrie. Weitere Telemetrie Sensoren können an den zweiten R-Sat (EXT) angesteckt werden oder über den EX-Expander.

  • Hello i am ready to maiden my Rebel Pro with ENLINK (2xREX3 +900Mhz) all us setup right but after the setup with igyro assistant i see that Royal see the gain channel correctly (i set from tx pot 20 gain on normal and HH for starting) but of i use the pot later not in setup i see no change in royal lcd.

    The FM mode change works ok but the gain is set to normal 20 heading 10 (why not 20??) on boh FM 2 and FM3.

    I use ds24 and firmware all the last ones.

    Let me know thanks

  • Hello,

    once the setup and Testfly assistant is done, the gain channel is without function. If you go again into the Testfly assistant it works again.

    Heading is always 50% of the normal gain. We found out that this has the best performance! You can change that manually if you want

  • Guten Tag allesamt

    ich bin daran meinte Royal Powerbox zu installieren mit 2x Jeti Rsat2 Empfängern. Wie erkenne ich die Polarität des Einsteckens - oder Phase nach oben

    braun oder orange oben ?? JR Stecker gehen beide Richtungen rein ? An der Powerbox ist nichts angegeben ?

    Danke Christian