Running latest software - no Telemetry setting

  • Hi,

    When I go into the rx/telemetry menu screen. I only see options for chemistry, capacity, output voltage a/b, but no "TELEMETRY SYSTEM" as is stated in the manual. I'm using a 14sg, and I have the teleconverter installed, I have no data.

    Also, does the teleconverter need to be plugged into RX 1 or can it be plugged into 1 or 2.


  • Hello,

    there are a lot of possible reason why telemetry is not running.
    1. You can select in transmitter what RX (1 or 2) is telemetry receiver
    2. Did you register the teleconverter in transmitter?
    3. Did you turn on telemetry in transmitter?

    In the Royal, you don´t have to select telemetry with the latest release. It´s automatically correct when you select TX Futaba

  • I tested on RX 1 and I am now getting Voltage and capacity, but not current values. what happens if we were to lose RX1, we also lose telemetry I suppose?

    Do we have any details on when Futaba will support the Powerbox sensor? They just released v5 for the 14sg, does this include support?