• Richard i kept on experimenting with the system and i find if i set everything up like i would use it in the plane and ran every servo wire to both rec inputs 1 & 2 then it will let me intialize every channel i can now see the bars on the screen
    but some of them are staggard and some of them are all in the same position like this - -
    and some look like this -
    can you tell me why?
    i have the plane set up using channel 1 for throttle channel A for right ail. channel B for left ail. channel C for right Elev. channel d for left Elev. and channel E for the rudder and channel 7 for my ignition kill and channel 8 for the failsafe so both receivers are active and will switch back and forth.

  • I set up the bars on the screen in the position they showed on the screen but when i hit submit it moved them around.
    Anyway some of them were in a straight line from top to bottom and some of the channels were staggered from top to bottom.

  • Hello,

    I am having some Initialization issues with my PB Spektrum DsmX. For example, on the elevator, I reset channel A, but when I try to initialize a servo, it does not show any bar or current info. However, I can move the elevator servo with the radio. And this issue is the same with the other surfaces. What can be the problem?



  • Hello Alexander,

    Thank you for the info. I have done the same initialization process and no satisfactory results. I changed the travel adjustment to the max 150 on the radio but still it does not initialized. I have three PB Royal Spektrum and they do the same. With previous models, I can see that servos are initialized but when I try to adjust any them they lose the init process and it does not show the bars on the screen as well the current info on the left of the screen.


    Quote from "Alexander Berndt"

    Hello Elckar,

    I think maybe something is not correct in your initialization process.
    Please refer to the steps described in this manual:

  • Hi Alexander,

    The PB has 4 satellites connected and working. What is the probability that at least two of these units do not initialise? Could be a Radio (DX18) problem? It just was updated from factory...And before worked perfectly.