Full Telemetry with Futaba T18MZ and T14SG

  • Hello Futaba pilots,

    Futaba released a fantastic update with an "PowerBox Telemetry Sensor" built in. With the latest release you can show following data with the PowerBoxes:

    - Cockpit, Competition, Professional, Baselog (set them to "M-Link" telemetry)

    • 2x battery voltage
    • 2x capacity (not Professional)

    - Cockpit SRS, Competition SRS

    • 2x battery voltage
    • 2x capacity
    • Antenna fades
    • Lost frames
    • Holds

    - Royal SRS, Champion SRS

    • 2x battery voltage
    • 2x capacity
    • Antenna fades
    • Lost frames
    • Holds
    • GPS data : Speed, Height, Distance, Trip

    What do I need to get this Data?
    You need a Teleconverter in any case. And you need the latest software release for your Transmitter, Teleconverter, GPS and the PowerBox.

    How to find out my software status?
    All PowerBoxes show the software release in the startup screen in the right lower corner (for example: V19). If there is no number, the PowerBox is older than 5 years and we have to update it in the factory.
    The Teleconverter software release can only be checked with the USB Interface Adapter or BlueCom and the PowerBox Terminal

    Next steps:
    Use the USB Interface Adapter or BlueCom and install the PowerBox Terminal to update PowerBox and Teleconverter.

    Connect the Teleconverter like shown in the manual to Update it and set it up. After updating to V02 (or higher) is done, Select "PowerBox" option:

    Only for Royal and Champion you can get the GPS data as well direct to your transmitter. The GPS must have at least V07. Set it to Royal SRS option:

    Register Teleconverter to the transmitter

    Due to a bug in some newer software versions of the transmitters, please follow this instructions:
    In the T14SG, T18SZ and T18MZ do not select "Register" for registering sensor. Use "Reload/Neuladen" to read out sensor information.

    Do not forget to activate the telemetry downlink in the Modulation settings of the transmitter

    You should see now the PowerBox Telemetry Sensor

    Connect all items
    Connect the Teleconverter to TELE port and to S-BUS2 port in the receiver

    You can see now all the data in your transmitter: