Distributor and surge in amps

  • Hello,

    I was looking into using a powerbus systems to improve wiring and safety. In this plane I will use big and heavy electric landing gear modified in the US by Locked & Down. The way these work is that the amp draw is quite low during operation but there is a very short burst in Amps at the point the gear is locked up or locked down. I assume this burst could be 2 or 3 Amps for a short time ( less than 1 second). Will the powerbus distributor read this as a stalled servo and cut the power off or will this work normally ? Thank you.

  • A central control box controls the three gears. This box would be connected to the powerbus. In fact two such box will be connected to the distributor (one for landing gears and one for folding wings).
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    where do you want to place that central box? The outputs of this central box cannot go to the PowerBus.

    1. The PowerBus is a Plus/Minus (6V) supply + signal.
    2. Your gear needs a switched power (7-12V) comming out of this central box.

    So you see: this is a totaly different way of control

  • Let me explain the full set-up:
    1) powerbox royal SRS. I'm using the Powerbus output B regulated at 7.4v
    2) Powerbus cable to Powerbus distributor PWM with 4 outputs
    3) I will use two outputs of the distributor to connect each to an electronic gear box
    4) electric gears connected to the electronic gear box. The Electric gears function on 2 Lipos so the 7.4V regulated from the Royal should work. same with the folding wings on the other box.

    Thank you

  • Hi

    I wounder if I can use the same solution to power el Behotec C50 from one of the PowerBus output?

    Not the best solution if I chose S-Bus/PowerBus lineup. Could I then just use one normal channel a-w?


  • Thanks Richard for your swift reply!
    I suspected that.

    Then, I will look into use an y-cable from one of the powerbox RX batteries.
    Also using the JetCat BMS generator for charging the RX batt.
    Do you think there will be a problem with this settup? Is there any concerne?
    Appollogize for my "stupid/rooki" questions :D