• hello Richard
    it is impossible to connect the teleconverter to my T18 there is always a failed message!!
    t18 firmware is 2.5.0 and tele V0.2 !!! + ( royal SRS on corsair ) (the telemetry is in fonction)
    is it the trainer imput??? or the register slot for sensor ?

  • Hello,

    o.k. you updated the Teleconverter. After you have done this, you have to selcet "T18" in the Terminal- not before!
    Then connect it to T18 to the backside connector (same you configure other sensors or servos). Don´t forget to power it (Y-harness). The go to the Telemetry menu and register it. If this doesn´t work: Reset the telemetry then try again.

  • hello Richard
    i have connect the batterie on the"power box" side :oops!! like the Schedule !!!
    with a Y wire i connect the batterie on the rigth side on sbus 2 like all sensors registration and it is ok
    sorry tanks