Regulator Malfunction Error

  • I have a new Competition SRS with two Duralite 6.6v A123 Sentinel (onboard balancer) Batteries.
    The Competition SRS is set to Life battery type.
    I'm am getting regulator malfunction errors on every now and then when powering up with both batteries attached.
    This problem occurs after successful power up of both batteries without disconnecting them getting the switch out-of-sync.

    I'm thinking the onboard regulator maybe conflicting with Powerbox regulator; I ordered some regular Life batteries to see if error continues.

    Is this something to be concerned about?
    The Competition SRS is in a CARF-Models BAE HawK and don't want to be aware of any risk?


  • Hello Quentin,

    check following: Connect both batteries, turn the system on. Then disconnect one battery and look in the screen: you can find the regulator output voltage. It must be between 5.8V and 5.95V
    Then connect this battery again, and remove the other battery. Then look what´s the voltage here.
    Let me know.

  • I'll try to get a reading on them. I got some new Life batteries with no built-in regulators arriving today.
    Obviously if issue goes away, then it's something to do with the A123 Sentinels.



  • Ok checked A123 Sentinels.

    Battery 1: input volts 6.57v Output: 5.84v
    Battery 2: input: 6.66v; Output: 5.84v

    New Spektrum 3000Mah 6.6v Life

    Battery 1: input 6.66v; Output: 5.86v (full charge test)
    Battery 2: input 6.67v; Output: 5.86v (full charge test)

  • I've also tried two new Spektrum 3000Mah Life (no built-in regultor).

    I flew this weekend and when I attempted to turn off it never would turn off with the switch. It continually had regulator malfunction.

    I unplug both batteries, then plug both back, powerbox powers up and then I shutdown, (no regulator malfuction error).

    So what do about this issue?

    This brand new Competition SRS.



  • More details on the issue.

    Got Regulator Malfunction Error, while trying to power off/on error continues, but for brief moment I see main screen.
    regulator voltage is 5.84 which is too low right?

    So since I'm using new Life batteries (was using Duralite A123 Sentinels) it not the batteries.

    Looks like the Competition SRS is got the issue.


  • I use MPX into Powerbox 10" lead to EC3 connector for battery. I only disconnect EC3 connectors to charge or disconnect batteries from electronics.
    Duralite A123 came from Duralite with EC3 connectors, Spectrum Life 3000mah came with EC3.
    Never had reverse polarity applied.

    I was lazy in early setup and only used one battery for programming. As soon as I started using second battery regulator malfunction error started.


  • Hello Sir,

    I am facing exactly the same issue. Apparantly both the regulators are working. When i unplug either of the power cable leaving the other battery connecte, it gives me correct 7.3 volts output. So seemingly both regulators are working and giving their output. But i still get this regulator malfunction error. I have one more friend at the field who also has the same issue. I think something is causing false alarm.

  • ok !!! i double checked everything. I think the regulators are working fine. i tested it at 5.9V also. Its the error which it displays when both the batteries are connected and ont of the switches is turned off.

    It has already been mentioned in the manual that powerbox will display this error if one of the switches is turned off while both the batteries are connected. I think the trouble is that it almost instantly displays the error and user gets worried about this

  • Hab das Problem: Competition SRS, beide Lion Akkus nicht angeschlossen. Wenn ich Akku 1 an der Weiche am Akku Steckplatz 1 anschließe, startet diese ohne den Switch zu betätigen und zeigt nach kurzer Zeit „Regulator Malfunction“ an. Wenn ich nur Akku 2 am Steckplatz 2 anschließe, muss ich diese regulär über den Switch einschalten, es wird dann folgendes (siehe Foto) angezeigt. Dann funktioniert alles. Wo liegt das Problem hierbei ?