Wing swing after change end point

  • Hi Richard,

    I setup my igyro with no problem. After some flights I changed the aileron end point from 72% to 67% then I zero gyro and after finished moved all sticks in all directions (even tough igyro didnt told me to do that like on fly assistant. )

    Then on the next flight I had a big wing swing on fast speed. I landed and changed the airspeed factor from 4 to 5. I have not fly again.

    It does not make sense to me decrease aileron throw and then have the wing swing. Having lower endpoints would not make the gyro have less throw?

    Thanks for your help


  • I see. So probably on the last flight I went faster than the others. If I change the end point to less then the gyro will have less throw for action, right?

    Since now I am already on airspeed factor 5 if I have this swing again should I low 10% the normal gain, heading gain or booth? I'm having the swing on FM2?

  • Richard,

    When I had the airspeed factor 4 the wing swing was so heavy at 250 mph that I believe if it was not a strong BVM plane it would not have survived.

    I changed to 5 and have not tested yet. Do you think I would change to 90% normal gain and 45% heading gain before the next flight as well or only change the airspeed factor would fix it?


  • Richard,

    I'm at 100% normal and 50% gain on aileron, elevator and rudder. It was a calm day when I setup the igyro. On the day of heavy wing rock it was about 7km/h wind.

    My next flight will be on Top Gun tournament in Lakeland. The only way to correct the setup is to run the assistant again on a wind day? Or can I make the gains a little smaller and maybe work fine?


  • Hello Gabriel,

    to lower the values "blind" is not easy, as it may be too much again. You can simulate wind - just make fast rudder steering to disturb when you adjust Aileron and Elevator.
    Also it helps to fly a knive edge to check if Elevator and Aileron are good.