Competition SRS and Jeti Mezon

  • I have a Paritech glider which i intend to set up with a Competition SRS and 2x Futaba 7003 Rx's. The model also has an LF technik electric self launch system which requires an ESC for throttle control. I purchased a Jeti Mezon ESc which also has a BEC. I bought this version by mistake rather than the Opto version which does not have a BEC.
    The throttle lead from the ESC also serves as a power lead from the BEC part. Normally the throttle lead would be plugged into the Powerbox but in this case that would also supply power.
    Can i do this or will it damage the Powerbox ? Naturally I don't want to damage the Powerbox and if I have to I'll buy another ESC.
    Thank you for any assistance.