Competition wiring

  • Hello!
    I have a powerbox competition and following assembly:
    -2 Futaba R7008SB receivers
    -2 servos / aileron (total 4 for wings)
    -2 servos for rudder
    -2 servos for elevator (1 for each half)
    -Throttle servo

    I'm thinking of using the servo matching so that I have 1 channel for each aileron, 1 channel for elevator and 1 channel for rudder. (total of 4) Is that the recommended way?
    My main question is about wiring. I'm not very certain how to wire receivers and servos to powerbox. Do you have a diagram or something? I couldn't find one from the manual.


  • Hello,

    you have to set the receivers in Mode B. Then connect the wires from the PowerBox (Sat1 + Sat4) to the S-BUS (output 8 in Mode B) of the receivers.
    The servos are connected to the outputs. In your case I can recommend
    A - right aileron
    B - rudder
    D - left aileron
    E - right elevator
    N - left elevator

    Use the Output mapping to give the outputs the correct channel
    With that wiring you can match the dual servos on each surface.

    There is no wiring schematic, as each plane is totally different and you are free in where you connect your servos.

  • Hello and thanks for your reply.
    My powerbox is not the srs model, so I dont think that I can use it like you told? It's the "old" competition. So I need to wire each channel from the receiver to the powerbox, right?

  • Hello,
    aah- now I understand- but then it´s also easy, just connect receiver with wires. What function on what input/output you use doesn´t matter. For you surfaces with two servos, use it like in my explanation above