Info for Powerbox DP-SD

  • Hi all,

    I did buy a nice 2nd hand airplane.
    On board it has 2 diversity receivers from ACT. But, as we're in the 21st century now with 2,4 Ghz and because I'm a Futaba flyer, I want to replace it to one R6014FS receiver from Futaba.

    Currently, the plane has a "Powerbox DP-SD" on board. It also says "Power supply for ACT Diversity receiver".

    I'm wondering if it is still usefull to keep this beauty and if it would work with a Futaba receiver too ? I acknowledge I would have to change the specific plugs, but I want to be sure it is compatible and will still work that way ?

    If this is possible, then where to find a manual from this powerbox device ?

    Can somebody help me please ?



  • Hello,

    As the batteries should be charged inside the plane, I decided to go for Li-Ion batteries.

    Is it correct that I need to setup the switch to 5-cells NiMh setting because then the alarm will be lower ?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Richard,

    do you mean that I can leave the setting as it was before ?
    The plane I bought had 2 lipo's in the nose, connected to the DP-DS. But I don't like to charge lipo's inside the plane and therefore changed them to Li-Ion...