update iGyro SRS

  • Hello, Richard, i want to update my i-Gyro srs but in the page of the Power Box terminal i don't see "iGyro SRS" .
    I have also an other question: must i use an external battery(i.e. 4,8 volt ni-mh) and where i connect it?

  • Hello Richard,

    I've just acquired a Igyro SRS and want to check it has the latest software installed. Does it have to be plugged in to an installation or can you just update the unit on its own beforehand?

    Like the previous post, could I ask where you connect the external power. If I'm using Futaba Sbus, do I just plug in a power supply to the rx to power the igyro?

    Thanks for you help.



  • Amazingly quick response. I'm just being cautious as I've never had a Igyro before and I don't want to damage it before I even install it.

    I assume I can use a Li-Fe rx pack to power everything up as this is 6.6v ? (just reading instructions, but have not come across voltage range yet).

    Thank you again.