• As you might be aware that I have fabricated my own J 10 out of your carbon fibre. I was using a regular Power box - Baselog, two Futaba single axis Gyros and a Act Multi Axis gyro. Along with all this I have a Futaba 14 Channel receiver as a single unit. The model is equipped with a rudder, two Elvons and a two axis thrust vectoring system. All these systems need to be gyro controled. in addition to these the aircraft has retractable undercarriage and the turbine requires a throttle.

    Now I have been requested to install your Mercury SRS system by the agent/dealer in India. Unfortunately the unit has come without any instructions and what Mr Umesh More and I figured was that we should follow the basic Royal SRS method of installation.

    However on your website I have been reading that there is a special function for thrust vectoring. Please give us suggestions as to the proper usage of your system in this mode

    The radio system we will use is a Futaba 18MZ along with two Sbus receivers.

    Kindly let us have your suggestions as to the channel allocation through the Mercury as well as how best to set up the 3D functions.

  • hi Richard,

    We very much missed you at Amby Valley this year. Our event is never complete without you.

    Out of interest I spent a lot of time with Alex who very kindly helped me with the setup of the gyros in my L 39 as well as my Futura.

    I have downloaded the manual and shall first update the Mercury before I fit it.


  • Ok. All done with the cable. Updated and ready. BUT I still don't see anything about the thrust vectoring.
    The old version had Gyro controlled - Cannards - up and down.
    Thrust vector - up and down
    Thrust vector - left and right (Rudder)
    Aileron - left and right
    Elevator -Up and down

    Can I do all of this using the Mercury SRS ? Or do I still need to use additional Gyros ? If so on what surfacees would you suggest ?

  • Hello,

    it´s easy to setup- use the assistant and do what the screen says, select Delta+VT as model type. Vector: you don´t have to program anythin in the transmitter: Vector control is totaly done in the Mercury! You will see: never has been so easy.

  • There is a new problem. I have updated the software. It now reads V 01 on startup. When I go to set orientation and raise the nose, (Tricycle) nothing appears in the long box. ie. No bars. If I take the unit out of the plane and try and do this with only a battery, switch and display connected, I still get nothing. What is my next step? The unit works OK other than this one step.


  • The undercarriage is Tricycle. Therefore, as per the manual the tail must go down.
    The unit is fitted in the nose area. In front of the nose leg of the undercarriage. It is with the output section in front and the inputs towards the tail.The 6 axis gyro will pick this up automatically.
    Question. Is pressing the tail down the same as lifting the nose up?