spark switch and fuel pump wiring setup

  • I am using a Champion SRS and 7.4 volt spark module switch. I am trying to figure out how to set up a Klom fuel pump(also 7.4) volts to turn power on and off when the spark module is turned on or off. Can I run a "Y" harness from the spark module ignition wire to the fuel pump and the my Moki 260 spark module. I think if I were to use a "Y" harness in this manor then both the fuel pump and the spark would be on or off at the same time. Can the ignition module handle the load of the fuel pump and the engines ignition module at the same time.
    Also is it incorrect to connect the spark module directly to the PowerBox for the battery power. I don't understand why a third battery is needed when the spark module is isolated. By the same logic do I need a 4th battery for the fuel pump or can the fuel pump be directly controlled by the PowerBox. I hope I don't to run 4 battery packs. That would be asking for trouble. The instructions from both PowerBox units say nothing about where to get battery power and does not warn about connecting issues for fuel pumps or the spark module itself. The directions are not very comprehensive.