Mercury SRS Displayanzeige

  • Hallo Richard,
    Bin gerade am Programmieren , dabei ist mir aufgefallen, daß im Output Mapping nicht wie beschrieben GY Aile-R, GY Aile-L usw sondern nur
    AILE-R, Aile-L usw angezeigt wird.
    Ist das so richtig ?
    Kann man das kleine Display auch für die Royal SRS verwenden ?
    Wäre schön klein.


  • Apologies for posting in a German thread, but using a bit of google translate, I think I'm asking the same question.

    After running through the set up assistant, my ailerons, elevators and rudder are displayed as "Aile-R", Aile-L etc and everything works as it should. However when reading the manual, it states that

    If you select one of these functions, the output is linked internally with the iGyro output. Two outputs are available for each axis: GY AILE-R, GY AILE-L, GY ELEV-R, GY ELEV-L, GY RUDD-A, GY RUDD-B.
    Each of these axes is individually variable for gain, direction of effect and gyro function.

    Have I missed something in the set up assistant? Do I now need to manually change the settings for each to the one including the GY prefix for the gyro to work with the main flight surfaces?

    I'm sorry for all the questions, but whilst some parts of the manual and set up are really easy to follow, there seems to be some small important areas which don't seem to follow the procedures in the manual. I don't know anyone else who has fitted one of these and it's my first Powerbox, so I'm hoping it's just a steep learning curve.


  • Hello,

    no, you don´t need any manual settings- would be a very bad assistant. The "GY" is missing in the output list because of the space in the screen.

    For example if you want the Aileron as "raw" without gyro, you have to select the "DIRECT" channel. But I´m sure this is not that what you want.