iGyro problem

  • I changed my radio TX 14MZ to 18MZ, I copy and paste all my models and all has worked very well, except my 170cc Extra 300 with Power Box Royal SRS and GPS Sensor. Before the change the iGyro was working very well, but with the change the model began to oscilate with iGyro switching-on, I always check that GPS Sensor status is OK before take off. I had to turn off the iGyro. I suppose that the iGyro with GPS Sensor connected it has to compensate the gain as the manual describes, but this does not work well. what could have happened? PW software is updated.

  • I think the iGyro and GPS Sensor is not working, could I make a test, manually set up the gain in all axles to 0 (cero) and check that the iGyro compensate the gain with the information received from GPS Sensor?