Flaps and 18mz

  • I have the flaps assigned two to different channels and mapped to two different outputs on the Mercury. However, when I plugged in my wings tonight to check the ailerons and flap movements (I've just switched from a twin receiver set up), the flap setting in my transmitter only seems to drive the position of both servos. If I adjust the percentages for the up/down position, the settings for Flap L in the transmitter drive both servos.

    When I went through the set up assistant, the names for these channels were assigned as FlapL and FlapR. Is the Mercury automatically linking these two outputs together?

    If I want to drive them separately, do I need to change the mapping to a "DIRECT" channel?

    I've never used the servo matching before, so I'm not 100% sure how this works so at this time I'd prefer to have control of each flap back at the TX.

    I hope I've made my problem clear?


  • Hello,
    normally the assistant should detect 2 channels- did you check it? If it registers only one channel, then you can match them up with the servo matching.

    Second option, as you mentioned: select them as "Direct" channel, then do everything with your transmitter.

  • They are set up on different channels and mapped to different outputs, but I can't remember if the set up assistant registered them individually. With everything plugged in, I don't really want to disconnect all the servos and run the assistant again, so I will try the direct setting first.

    Thank you for your quick response.