Two Elevator R

  • I was setting up my Mercury today and in the output mapping I have two elevators "R. I have treated one left and the other as right. There are no new software downloads. Do I just reload the software and hope the glitch goes away?

    On another note I have a Jeti REX 7 receiver and an RSAT connected. On the main screen it only shows as 1 x receiver connected. If I plug my 9 channel receiver and an RSAT into the Mercury I see both receivers showing on the main screen. I am concerned that both don't show with the 7 and the rsat? Maybe the receiver protocol of the Rex receiver differs from the normal receivers.

  • Hello,

    if you have two channels in the transmitter for elevator, the assistant should recognize two elevator channels and shows you the output number where to connect it.
    There is no need to update- everything must work fine, and there are no updates available.

    Maybe the REX7 has another framerate which causes the dot showing or not showing, this is not a problem if following works: disconnect one of the receivers- everything must go on working. Then do the same with the other one.