competition SRS servo matching issue

  • Hello Richard,
    I am having an issue with my competition SRS.
    Here is it:
    I initialize the servos. I am running two elevator servos on A1 and A2.
    Then I want to do servo matching
    When I try to match end points, I go through the steps and activate the function to match end point.
    I start moving the one end point to max and after say 75% movement, the servo goes dead. When I stop the function and servo returns to neutral, it start working again. But if I move my transmitter stick to full movement the servo stops working again.
    I changed servos, and same happened.
    I used the second competition SRS that I have and the same thing happened.
    what is the issue here? what am I doing wrong perhaps. Just note please that I have over a dozen Royals and never had this issue. This is my first experience with the competition so not sure if there is a trick that is different than the royal?