Door sequencer configuration

  • I setup my model using the wizard. All good adjust all surfaces working well. turn off saves all settings.

    Turn back on and go to door sequencing wizard to do door programming and go through the wizrad and then it wipes my settings from ports that have been assigned to flight surfaces. eg; vector settings.

    I have no vector again.

    Setup model again with no door sequencing and all good. I getting better at this and go to door sequencing again and wizard and again it wipes out my settings of flight surfaces.

    I just want a simple one door operation door open, gear down, door closed, door open gear up door closed.

    One door on nose that's all and electric retract gear.

  • Hello,

    seems the sequencer overwrites the Vector outputs. Simply go after the Sequncer installation to the output mapping and set the two seqeuncer outputs back again. The settings for the vector should work again.
    We will check if there is a bug for future updates